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The partner in digital fitness experiences for some of the most progressive brands worldwide. We design and create products that enrich both personal and professional athletes through data, visualisations and supporting software for coaches and your training programme.

We not only offer our own products, but also provide services to other brands, helping them create their own digital fitness experiences and integrate with hardware from our partners. We support both startups and established brands, eliminating the need to develop and maintain connectivity with multiple generations of hardware.

We're a dynamic team of professional designers and developers, working together to create products that are both beautiful and functional. We're passionate about fitness and sports and we're always looking for new ways to improve the experience for our users.



Through close collaboration, we created a shared vision for the future of the WATERROWER digital ecosystem. Our mission is to bring their out of the box connected experiences to life. We are responsible for the design and development of the WATERROWER Connect app, as well as designing the experiences for their new and upcoming integrations and products.



Original NOHRD products are more than mere pieces of sports equipment, they embody all aspects of functionality, design and sustainable manufacturing. We are on track to provide a complete digital ecosystem for NOHRD that provides a seamless experience connecting all facets of their product offering.



Together with RP3 we have been creating the ultimate rowing experience for Olympic and world class rowers. We created software that is capable to read values from the flywheel with the highest precision and translate this to performance data.



HAEYVEN has created a cutting-edge fitness equipment: the ANTAGONIST®, which is designed to enhance full-body strength and cardio through bi-directional and uni-directional training. Together we're exploring this new generation of workout equipment and the possibilities it offers.


WATERROWER Connect allows users to turn their mobile phones and tablets into performance monitors that connect to their rowing machines via Bluetooth, giving them the ability to track their progress, set goals, and measure their performance over time. With this app, users can also view their performance data and compare it to their previous times, making it easier than ever to track their progress and reach their fitness goals. With our app, users can easily stay engaged with their rowing machine and take their performance to the next level.


A single go to app that integrates with all NOHRD products. Focusing on home users this app connects to your Bike, Sprintbok and soon even more equipment. Providing exercises and workouts that are tailored to your personal gym.

No matter which piece of equipment you own the NOHRD App should provide you with a dedicated workout experience. Going forward we will be adding even more experiences and extending into the commercial gyms, allowing users to take their workout with home them.


Data is key when it comes to rowing. The RP3 rowing app provides you with all the data you need to improve your rowing performance. The consistency and reliability of the data provided by RP3 is what makes it the perfect tool for rowers of all levels. Now used for qualification to several national teams, RP3 is on track to become the standard for rowing data.

We recently launched the generation of personalised training plans on NOHRD Connect.

Through in depth analysis of our large media library we've managed to create an algorithm to generate engaging and tailored workouts for any combination of @nohrd equipment. Combined with the recent launch of the new beautiful monitors for both Sprintbok and Bike NOHRD equipment you're really getting a full integrated digital experience! #fitness #tech #design #AI
We're at the Head of the Charles this weekend! We've competed this morning together with the @rp3rowing team as part of the Masters 8+. Reach out if you want to meet up!

#hocr #rowing #fitness #technology
This weekend we met up in Denmark/Sweden with the international WATERROWER | NOHRD team talking about product development, opportunities and having an all-round good time together.

When in Copenhagen we stayed at the gorgeous Bryggen @guldsmedenhotels hotel where we obviously had to check out their gym.

#design #business #rowing #international #copenhagen #denmark #sweden
We're taking our software into the boat! Today we went out onto the the water experimenting and taking measurements.

#rowing #erg #erging #sports #water #hengelo #rp3
At FIBO HAEYVEN launched the ANTAGONIST and won the Innovation & Trend Award 2023 in the PERFORMANCE category! This machine came to life through a great team effort between MoveLab, HAEYVEN and several other great companies.

@haeyven #fitness #innovation #fibo #technology #software #weightlifting
Collaborating with athletes and growing our team with sports enthousiasts is how we are able to design our products. As part of this we're proud sponsors of @d.w.v_klein_verzet, the oldest student cycling club in The Netherlands right here in Enschede.

#cycling #fitness #software #team #hiring
You'll find the beautiful NOHRD and WATERROWER equipment in a lot of wellness resorts. We have redesigned how you experience a workout in these environments that will roll out in the coming months.

#fitness #wellness #software #nohrd #waterrower
The next batch of RP3's getting ready to leave the factory.

@rp3rowing #rowing #fitness #factory #software
Mornings at the MoveLab office

#fitness #nohrd #design #software #waterrower #coffee
We've visited the WaterRower offices and toured the factory last week. Our close collaboration is what allows us to improve experiences for customers worldwide.

#warren #waterrower
During a workshop led by Değer (@utwente) and Rens (@wordlenig), our team focussed on including the user in our design processes. They provided us with many great ideas to implement in our daily work flow. Thank you Değer and Rens!
Checking out the current state of art at FIBO Cologne 2022. 

#fitness #lifestyle #rowing #waterrower #nohrd #software #fibo  #fibo2022
We've been working on something like you've never seen before.

#fitness #power #technology #software #sport #antagonist
Checking up on the immersive experience of RowStudio Amsterdam where up to 20 people execute a coach guided workout in perfect synchrony using our software.

#studio #fitness #lifestyle #rowing #rp3 #software
Today we're releasing the next step for the WaterRower ecosystem! Our premium offering will help users to reach their fitness goals through new visualizations, training programs and connected experiences.

#fitness #waterrower #rowing #software #startup #sport @waterrower
The Dutch Talent Eight racing the UW Eight from Seattle in one of the first cross-ocean team races using our connected racing experience on linked @rp3rowing machines.

#fitness #rowing #racing #technology #software #sport @knrb_roeibond @washingtonrowing
The Bike by @nohrd is the ultimate wooden fitness bike with its unique design and open approach to software connectivity. It supports the open FTMS Bluetooth standard to connect to our apps.

#fitness #cycling #software #lifestyle #nohrd #technology
A close up of the Model T flywheel by @rp3rowing, the source of all the data we work with.

#rowing #fitness #dutchdesign #technology #software #sport #rp3
Checking out the NOHrD Bike Pro when visiting the @nohrd showroom in Nordhorn.

#sport #nordhorn #software #fitness #nohrd #lifestyle #technology
Execute and track your interval workouts with the WaterRower Connect app for your @waterrower.

#rowing #fitness #sport #software #lifestyle #waterrower
Heading out into the Twentse countryside with our company outing.

#companyouting #twente #fitness #lifestyle #software
For the past 7 years we've been helping Olympic and world class athletes reach the next level with our software on their @rp3rowing rowing machines.

#sport #fitness #software #rowing #technology
A few of our favorite connected fitness machines by @nohrd and @waterrower.

#sport #fitness #software #lifestyle #technology

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